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The Secrets of Field Names (Treasure Hunting January 2015)

How to use farmers' field names to locate lost archaeological sites: Did you know that nearly all farmers' fields have a name? Sometimes a field's name is an archaeological indicator of its past use and I focus in on them extensively when I research an area. Here is an article I have recently written on the subject.

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ARCHI UK Treasure Hunting Magazine Article: Archaeology and Metal Detecting

How to Find Undiscovered Ancient Sites with Your Computer (Treasure Hunting June 2016)

I have found some amazing sites using both old and more modern maps. In this article, I reveal how to use Placenames and Field Names to unlock the secret language of the landscape which can you lead you to the locations of previously unknown ancient archaeological sites.

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ARCHI UK Treasure Hunting Magazine Article: Connecting with Our Ancestors

Connecting with Our Ancestors

In this article, I write on the how metal detecting and archaeology can connect us with our ancient ancestors.

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ARCHI UK Searcher Magazine Article: Maps Their Untold Stories

Book Review: Maps: Their Untold Stories

In this book review, I write on this amazing book published by The UK National Archives at Kew, UK.

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